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ESP- Angie Cacciaroni

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

Angie Cacciaroni is our Kitchen Assistant at Meadow View Elementary.  She is the right-hand of the Kitchen Manager, Roberta Martin.  What makes Angie so invaluable is her positive personality and ability to remain calm in any circumstance.  Angie is the first to step up to cover when Roberta is out or even if we need coverage at another site; always doing so with a smile.  In fact, Angie has also worked for our Summer Feeding program and with our Catering Department on special events.  No matter the situation she walks into, she always perseveres because of her level-head, strong work ethic, and passion for her job.

Beyond this, Angie takes the opportunity to learn as much as she can thus taking on increased responsibility at her site.  This is critical since Meadow View is only a two-person kitchen.  She is reliable and shines as one-half of the dynamic kitchen duo there.  I appreciate Angie because whenever and wherever she is needed for any circumstance, I know things will run smoothly and on time.  Thank you Angie for all you do for Meadow View and for Nutrition Services as a whole! 

Written by Dawn Kidd, Area Manager

February 17, 2017


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