Douglas County School District

ESP Cougar Run Oct 2016


Zara and Isabel McMahon

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

When thinking of a school to host our Colorado Proud Day, one manager came to mind very quickly.  Someone who has been with the District, someone who enjoys coming to work, and someone who works with a smile on her face every day.  That person is Isabel McMahon, Kitchen Manager at Cougar Run Elementary.
When we asked Isabel about hosting Colorado Proud Day at her school, she was so excited!  We would be serving pupusas, a delicious dish from her native El Salvador!  She was more than happy to help host the event and did a wonderful job in preparing and serving the pupusas to her students.  She enjoyed working with District Chef Ryan Repplinger and Monse Hines, owner of Monse’s Taste of El Salvador.  The event was a success, in no small part to Isabel’s hard work.  Thanks again to Isabel and her team for a wonderful day.


Sept 2016-Kristina Keer