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ESP-Diana Caliz & Staff Rock Canyon High School


Diana Caliz & Staff- Rock Canyon High School

Meet Kitchen Manager, Diana Caliz and her staff from the Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) Kitchen:Assistant Manager Angela Evans; Kitchen Assistants Maria Mendez, Raida Al-Samarda, Hsiu-Ping Lin, Brenda Clark, Deborah Ferguson, and Pam Leung; and At-Large Charla Stewart. Together this school year, they have worked hard to increase sales. For the first time ever in the Douglas County School District (DCSD), their Subway sales exceeded ten thousand dollars within one week; not only once but twice! WOW! To celebrate Diana and her staff’s achievement, Brent Craig, Director of DCSD Nutrition
Services, has started the Subway $10,000 Club. December 18 th , 2017, the RCHS kitchen staff enjoyed breakfast at Snooze an A.M. Eatery, and Diana and her staff were presented with a trophy. Please join me in congratulating Diana Caliz and the Rock Stars at RCHS!

Written by:
Lisa Sronce
Area Manager