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ESP FSE Reva Straine Oct 2016

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

Reva Straine, Kitchen Manager at Flagstone Elementary

 revastraineOver the past 4 years working in Nutrition Services I have had the opportunity to work with Reva in many capacities.  Now I am fortunate enough to have worked with Reva as her Area Manager for over a year.  In this time I have been struck by the compassion Reva has for her work, her community, and the kids at her school.  

Reva has been with Nutrition Services for 16 years, currently she is a Kitchen Manager at Flagstone Elementary in Castle Rock.  Here she has flourished and is an integral part of the school and community.  Her principal Kelli Smith sings Reva’s praises:

“I love Reva for many reasons!  She has heart, passion and a commitment to serving healthy food to our kids. She is collaborative and has a great working relationship with our community and staff.  She goes above and beyond daily and was so gracious on Friday night– she was here until well after 9pm.”

The event on Friday, September 30th, was “Brite Night” a fundraiser for Detective Dan Brite of Parker who was wounded in action September 2nd.  Reva proved to be an important part of the team that pulled together to make the fundraiser a wild success, raising over $16,500 for the injured officer and his family.  She graciously volunteered her time and her kitchen for the event.  Working after her regular kitchen shift until well into the night to make sure all that attended were fed and taken care of.   Last year she took time after hours again to help plan and run the welcome back BBQ at Flagstone to strengthen community ties, the list goes on.
Reva is a shining example of how loving what you do can blossom into much greater things.  She and her team always participate in their school’s spirit days and events.  The kids at her school always come into the cafeteria eagerly anticipating her team’s fun-filled costumes and decorations.  Reva will be the first to recognize that she cannot do this without her fantastic kitchen team, Mary & Chris.  They all work together to provide a positive environment for the kids at Flagstone.  I am humbled by their work and look forward to another great year with them!