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ESP-FTE Maryanne Tolliver

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

Extra Special Person:  Mary Anne Tolliver & Jenn Ford

Franktown Elementary (FTE) and Cherry Valley Elementary (CVE) have the unique distinction of being two of our district’s more rural schools.  However, as we are seeing continued growth in the Franktown area, Cherry Valley has remained very small in size.  This situation led Nutrition Services many years ago to cook and run most of Cherry Valley’s lunch program out of the Franktown Elementary School kitchen. However, this year we took steps to create a new unique partnership between the two schools to bring back more cooking and prep to our Cherry Valley site.  This would not be possible without the outstanding team work that has developed this year between Mary Anne Tolliver Kitchen Manager at Franktown and Jenn Ford our Kitchen Assistant/Building Engineer at Cherry Valley.

To make sure things run smoothly Mary Anne and Jenn developed new ordering and communication systems as well as expanded offerings at Cherry Valley.  This is a big deal for Cherry Valley which is our smallest school with only 40 students enrolled.  Mary Anne and Jenn’s hard work and collaboration have allowed us to begin to cook most meals down at Cherry Valley again.  This leads to better food quality and a better experience for our students.   Additionally, we have increased Harvest Bar and snack offerings.  Just because Cherry Valley is our smallest school does not mean that we shouldn’t provide a full array of services there.   What used to be a challenging situation has blossomed into a thriving lunch program.

I’d like to take the time here to thank our Nutrition Services staff Mary Anne Kitchen Manager at FTE, Maria Kitchen Assistant at FTE, and Jenn Kitchen Assistant at CVE and the administration at both sites for their commitment to helping us ensure that all of our students are well fed and ready to learn each day.   The partnership between these two schools shows their dedication to the students and should be an illustration for what we all strive for.  Way to go Mary Anne, Jenn, and Maria!

Written by Kasja Larson

January 27, 2017


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