Douglas County School District

ESP Jen Green Oct 2017

Jen Green- Kitchen Manager Mountain View Primary

Recently, I had the opportunity to go out to Mountain View Primary and work with Jen Green and her staff.  Mountain View used to be one of my schools when I was an Area Manager and I have fond memories of the previous kitchen staff and the relationships they had built with their school community.  So it was great to see when I came to visit the “new” crew, that Jen has carried on the same tradition.  Although I would have liked to have spent more time with Jen and her kitchen assistant, Jamie while I was there, I could tell they had their systems down.  They were like a well-oiled machine serving up lunch and smiles to all the kids.  (I think I was the only one stressed in there because I didn’t know where to find things!)

One of the things that really impressed me about Jen was the reason why I was at the school to begin with.  Going back to the relationships we build within our schools, Jen was asked to offer some information about our department at the School Accountability Committee (SAC) meeting, and in turn, asked if we could help provide her with talking points.  After discussing the timing of it, we decided I would come out and present the department information, but she (on her own) decided to prepare school lunch for the meeting and present the items she was serving.  What a great way for this group of parents, staff, and community members to taste some of the great things we are serving their kids.  What she prepared and presented was amazing.  They loved the Popcorn Chicken and Pretzel Bosco as much as the kids, and the roasted fingerling potatoes were a hit!

When I see managers like Jen going above and beyond their daily routines to be a part of their school community and promote the great things they do, it reminds me what an amazing group of people we have in Nutrition Services.  Great job Jen!

Written by:Amy Faricy