Douglas County School District

ESP Linda Tokle & Linda Arapkiles

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

Extra Special People give extra special treatment, and that is how I would describe Linda Tokle Kitchen Assistant at ThunderRidge High School (TRHS), and Linda Arapkiles, Kitchen Assistant at Plum Creek Academy (PCA) and TRHS.  They are committed to treating each and every customer with a special greeting and a personalization to every order.

Linda Tokle heads the Action Station at TRHS.  She prepares a different entre’ bar every day. She asks each and every student, staff member, and visiting adult, how they would like their food prepared.  It doesn’t matter how many people pass through her line – she treats each one with the same enthusiastic greeting and explanation of food items.

Linda Arapkiles works at TRHS and leaves daily to serve lunch at PCA.  She works closely with the Administration of PCA, and is influential in making sure that the students have a great selection of high school meals and ala carte choices.   She advocates for her customers and is always thoughtful in applying the needs of our department.

I would like to commend these two ladies for a job well done in representing Nutrition Services and Douglas County Schools!

Written by Joy Timlin

February 9, 2017


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