Douglas County School District

ESP-Pamalla Dolan

Pamalla Dolan- Bear Canyon Elementary Kitchen Manager 

Pamalla Dolan has had a very busy August and now September.  Pam is our Kitchen Manager at Bear Canyon Elementary (BCE).  She as well wonderfully volunteered to step in as interim Kitchen Manager at Ranch View Middle School (RVMS).  She will be doing both jobs through October.  Pam has shown extreme resilience in balancing these two positions.  We all know that our kitchens are very busy as we open for a new school year, so this balancing act has been demanding of her attention and her time.  Pam shows not only poise, but patience and humor.  Whether she is zip lining at the Kitchen Manager Boot Camp, or trying to figure out why the KRONOS clock swipes her in as 6:30 p.m. instead of 6:30 a.m. every morning, she shows her fun loving personality and is a pleasure to be with.  Pam should be commended for all that she brings to us, each and every day!