Douglas County School District

ESP Thunder Ridge September 2016

Meet the Nutrition Magicians that Deserve Some Recognition

When thinking about our many staff members that make Nutrition Services a great place to work, Kristina Keer, Kitchen Manager at ThunderRidge High School, should be recognized.



Kristina is the leader of this wonderfully supervised kitchen.  She is an individual that takes challenges head on, and is able to give enthusiasm and excitement to the workplace.   It’s hard to believe that she has only managed this kitchen for a little over a year, as her impact is so solidly felt.  She and her staff just broke their Subway Sales Record, which is quite an accomplishment in a feeder area that has many competing restaurants nearby.  She took our new High School Action Station Menu to her team and made sure that everyone had information and input as we rolled out this new program in August.

It’s easy to see why Kristina is well liked throughout ThunderRidge.  Not only does she manage the kitchen, she is also the Assistant Track and Field Coach.  Although she is always busy, you will hear Kristina talking to students about their day, about assignments, athletics, and anything else that the students want us to be a part of!  Her participation in sports and coaching has given her a special approach to staff and students that is earned and well deserved.