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Lois McAuley

This is the second school year the Nutrition Services Central Office staff has been introducing and recognizing our wonderful staff members. With only nine months in the school year and 416 employees, I feel torn on who to write about. I would say this is probably a consensus for everyone writing one of these articles.

This year has again proven that we have the most amazing, talented and caring staff. I am always in awe, as I make my way through our kitchens on any given day, of the hard work and dedication to serve lunch on time whether or not the kitchen is fully staffed.  As soon as the bell rings, the students come down in full force and they are not concerned if we are staffed, they only want to get their favorite food item and enjoy lunch with their friends. This brings me to the amazing Kitchen Assistant Substitutes that we are lucky enough to have helping us. It is hard to recognize just one because they are all wonderful and have created bonds wherever they are placed. Today I want to introduce you to Lois McAuley. Lois has been working for Nutrition Services for little over a year now. If you do not know Lois, let me be the first to tell you, when you meet her, you will be greeted with the biggest smile.

Lois genuinely LOVES coming into the kitchens and helping in any way that she can. I run into Lois quite often and there has not been a single time that she didn’t greet me with a smile and ask how I was doing. We visit for a few minutes and I always leave so thankful that I was able to see her. When you ask Kitchen Managers about Lois, you get similar responses from them. “Lois is GREAT”, “Lois works so hard”, “I’m so happy we got Lois today”.

Another incredible quality about Lois is her flexibility.  The other day Lois thought she would be working at Legend High School since she had been working there for many days in a row.  Lois wanted to do something nice for the staff for Christmas, so she baked the best looking batch of peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies.  At the last minute, we had to pull her to work at another school.  Lois made sure she left her house early enough that day to deliver her Christmas cookies to Legend and make it to the other site on time.  Again, she walked right into this kitchen with her big smile and greeted the employees she would be working with and got right to work.

Thank you Lois for be so AMAZING!


Written by:

Julie Caughey, Area Manager


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