Douglas County School District

Extra Special

Carrie Grant-McDonald & Pamela Comstock

Kitchen Manager and Assistant at Larkspur Elementary





When we write about an extra special person, it is usually a singular person.  I am not able to do that when looking at Larkspur Elementary.  Carrie Grant-McDonald and Pamela Comstock are an amazing team that work together so cohesively, it’s as if they have been working together far longer than one year!

Carrie is the Kitchen Manager at Larkspur.  This is her first Kitchen Manager position with the District and has been there a little over a year.  Within that timeframe, Carrie has immersed herself not only in learning her new role, but also in being a part of the Larkspur Elementary community.  Carrie saw a need for the kindies to learn their student numbers.  She created an “Apple Tree” poster board.  Each apple has the student’s name and student number on it.  The kindies grab their apple from the apple tree and use this to practice putting their numbers in at the register.  Carrie also reached out to the school to see where they had a need for volunteers with the students. Carrie now volunteers in the 1st grade classroom.   She works with the students to learn their site words.  She is an incredibly kind and patient person and the children love her!

Pamela is the Kitchen Assistant at Larkspur.  Pamela has been our rock in that kitchen for many years!  She has seen managers rotate through the kitchen and has always graciously welcomed those new managers all the while being incredible resource for them as they learn the nuances at Larkspur. Pamela always greets the students with a smile and knows them all by name.  The students are always sharing their personal stories with her whether it be what they did last weekend, how they played in a sport, etc…  Pamela also has a special friend, Nicholas.  Nicholas has autism and approached Pamela at the beginning of the school year because the noise level in the cafeteria was too much for him.  He asked, “Can I eat in here with you?”  Now, Nicholas will join Pamela in his special little spot in the kitchen, to eat his lunch quietly, and have his private conversations with her.  It is adorable to watch them together.

Now you see why I write about this amazing kitchen team.  They continually go above and beyond to positively impact the lives of their students and community.  Thanks for all you do Carrie and Pamela.  You are truly Extra Special!


Written by Dawn Kidd, Area Manager



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