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Extra Special

Chris Zimmerman-Principal Cimarron Middle School

It always amazes me how fast time is moving when we get to the end of another school year.

It seems like we were just at the Kitchen Manager Boot Camp talking about the new school year and placing our first warehouse orders for groceries.

As a department, we continue to grow stronger and more efficient with each passing year. One of the best parts of my job is going out to our kitchens to see all of the great work everyone is doing. Thank you for your hard work this school year! We couldn’t do what we do without you! We have introduced and shared with you stories of our great employees this year through the Nuts News. For this last issue, I wanted to share with you a principal that goes out of his way to make his school, our employees and the community a better place.

Chris Zimmerman is the principal at Cimarron Middle School (CIMS). Chris spends his days in forward motion encouraging anyone he encounters to be great!  In the words of Paulette Vigil, the Kitchen Manager at CIMS,

Mr. Zimmerman is a great supporter of us in Nutrition Services.  He is very approachable, and never hesitates to talk with our kitchen staff.  When a need arises and we are shorthanded, he is very willing to lend a hand.  There have been many times he has given me a card to say how much he appreciates all of our kitchen staff and the hard work they put forth for our students.  During the holiday season he makes sure our staff is included with all the treats they send our way.  We are also given t-shirts every year with the school logo.  A few years ago Mr. Zimmerman put together a special catered luncheon for just the kitchen staff.  It is wonderful having a principal who cares about the students, as well as the staff and kitchen staff.”

In addition to Paulette’s kind words, I can tell you when you walk into CIMS you get the feeling of community and everyone is in it together. Chris has served lunch in a pinch, sent office staff into the kitchen to help when we found ourselves down 3 employees. “Whatever you need” is a phrase heard often in the halls of CIMS. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Veteran’s Day ceremony this year and I found myself captivated for 2 hours by the students and the arrangement they put together.  Add the 100+ veterans in attendance, I was reduced to tears and proud to live in this great country. I know we have a lot of amazing supportive principals out there that make a difference in your daily job and routines. To all of them, I want to say thank you!  Please enjoy the pictures below of the Extra Special Person for May 2017, Chris Zimmerman. Have a great summer everyone!

Written by: Julie Caughey, Area Manager


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