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ESP George Boucher Nov 2016

George Boucher, Kitchen Manager Roxborough Primary

George Boucher and Cheryl Lorenz

George Boucher and Cheryl Lorenz

By Joy Timlin
Nov 7, 2016

Upon walking into the Roxborough Primary Kitchen, you will notice an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to our young students.  ROXP is a PreK – 2nd school, and we are so fortunate to have a Kitchen Manager that has taken the time to relate to this group and to make their kitchen area a special place, just for them.  George Boucher is that Special Person.  I am always excited to walk in and see what new decorations and themes George is using.   George uses metal lunch boxes, with old themes and new themes, to grab attention to our service area.  He then decorates around them, and proudly hung a banner for their kitchen.  It’s a great visual sight; however, even better is the customer service that our kids enjoy.  George is interested in learning their names, noticing their individuality, and including Hi-5’s as the kids enter and leave the cafeteria.  He has worked one on one with students in learning their lunch numbers, and has developed his own system in doing so.  This is no small task when your student body is compiled of all young grades.  He’s driven by a need to relate to the kids and to hear their stories, and he adapts what he does to make our service interesting to them.  Thanks to George for a job well done, and for representing our district’s expectations by providing a caring and nourishing place for our students