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Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Fast, Nutritious and Convienient

Fueling Students with Healthy Snacks

SmoothyOur Fresh Fruit Smoothies.  Anytime we serve these smoothies … they disappear! We just can’t make enough of them.


low-fat-yogurtFrozen low-fat yogurt.  A recent middle school addition, fast becoming a student favorite. We’re looking forward to taste testing this product in the elementary schools.




Partnering with Parents, PTOs, Staff…

“How can we help you provide snacks on those special days?” As a parent of five students who attended DCSD schools, I know first-hand providing snacks for school events, holiday parties, back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences and birthday celebrations tends to sneak up on families.

We can assist with your school “snack” events by providing healthy, cost-effective, delicious products kids will thank you for…. Contact me via email and let’s work together.

Dear Douglas County School District Families:

For the better part of a decade, I’ve concentrated on defining what constitutes a healthy snack … some consider popcorn and soda at a movie a snack, while others cling to a more nutritious definition to fuel the body.

The Nutrition Services Team, based input from the families we serve, works tirelessly to research, develop and replace snacks that don’t offer much in the way of nutritional value with ones that do.

One conclusion has emerged out of this effort:  Providing healthy snacks is sometimes an unpopular move with students.  Still, our quest remains: provide healthy, great-tasting snacks earning the approval of both kids and parents.

The good news:  Fortunately, we’ve found some ‘happy medium’ snacks to appease student palates and meet nutritional needs parents tell us they expect.

DCSD Parents, we invite your continued input as we eliminate snacks with minimal nutrition to bring healthy snacks to our students.

classsnackAs a leader in nutrition, I need to say this and want you to know I am not just venting.  I realize some may take offense to my personal pet peeve … that it isn’t necessarily my business to tell parents what snacks students should bring from home.  But truly, it is very discouraging to be held to the high standard of providing nutritious choices only to see snacks coming into the classroom from home that are the polar opposite of what we are working toward.

Our goal is to team with parents: to provide great-tasting nutritionally sound snacks.  As the parent of five, I understand the challenges and the value in our mission to get kids to eat healthfully, when time for shopping and research is short. Working together we can encourage students toward healthy, balanced, delicious food choices.

Brent Craig_Snacks I offer you the opportunity to partner with us as we strive to bring the very best to our DCSD students.

Brent Craig
DCSD Nutrition Services