Douglas County School District

Tara Johnson

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Tara Johnson- Kitchen Manager Mountain Ridge Middle School

In the short time I have gotten to know Tara, she has made such a positive impact in my group of schools and deserves recognition for it! Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of my managers has been unable to work for the last few weeks. Tara graciously agreed to help manage this school along with her own. As you can imagine, taking on another site requires a tremendous amount of time and excellent time management skills. Tara jumped right into it and has managed the daily operations at both places with a smile on her face. Also, not only did Tara agreed to manage the daily operations at the additional school, she even trained staff, organized the cooler and freezer, and helped the site to be ready for a site review. I am very thankful for Tara and her amazing ability to manage two school sites and make it look so easy!